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Receive unlimited, fully paid up pupils at a time and place that suits you & get access to our free ADI tools and online diary.

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Automate Payments

Once a pupil has purchased one of your bundles, you’ll automatically receive the full rate to your bank account within 3 days.

Automate Enquiries

Never miss a pupil again! The app allows you to quickly ‘share’ your Instructr with new pupils. You can post the ‘share link’ anywhere such as your social media or website. New pupils will be able to view your Instructr profile and you’ll receive a notification as soon as they have purchased one of your bundles.

Work Closer To Home

Instructr allows you to set your own postcodes & only receive pupils from those specific areas.

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See what other driving
instructors have to say

Alan Cockerham, ADI

Learnr – experience after 3 months using app.

Phenomenal! Pupils love it, I love it – no hassle with payments – more time to focus on my business and pupils. Going on holiday now for a week to get a well earned rest as they have kept me so busy. I look forward to a busy full diary when I come back refreshed.

Fadhel Elias, ADI

Really helpful.

I’ve been an ADI for a few years and sometimes need help keeping my diary full, but this app has really helped me maintain a nice flow with pupils. The pupils really like it too.”

Mac Ojila, ADI

Amazing App.

“Due to the nature of the service, I was a little apprehensive at first. After using the app for close to 6 months I can say everything’s been great. I have more pupils than ever and the team are always responsive if I need any help.”

See what learners have to say

Lewis J.

I could not recommend enough.

Since the pandemic it has been almost impossible to find a driving instructor in Leeds which does not have a massive waiting list. But this app has made it seamless and hassle free. I could not recommend enough. My son has now been able to book multiple lessons at a time that suits him and which fits around his busy college schedule.

Chris Field.

Amazing gem.

Amazing gem, it helped me to easily find an instructor in my area which I was struggling to. I used to just call instructors one by one with them telling me every time that they are fully booked for the next 3 months. This app just makes everything easier, thanks a lot! Deserve 100% 5 Stars.

Alice Corden.

Hassle-free driving lessons!

Great app! I was struggling to find a driving instructor that was available in the evenings after work - most were at least a six week wait, some closer to six months. Downloaded Learn after spotting it on a flyer and was able to get two (!) lessons booked in for the next week and I can pick and choose when I want more. It's a brilliant idea and looking forward to seeing the app grow.

Jess S.

After being unable to find a driving instructor that could take me on without waiting months, I stumbled across learnr and was able to book a lesson within a week and he was amazing!!!

Andrei Adn.

Very good app in finding a good instructor.

Amazing app if you want to start your driving lessons, easy and fairly priced, a good variety of driving instructors.


So easy to use!
I'd been told by a local instructor I could only book lessons 4 months in advance, within an hour of downloading Learn I managed to find an instructor who was available in the same week! Absolute life saver.

Frequently asked questions

How does Instructr work?

After downloading the app, you’ll be asked to create your Instructr Profile which tells new pupils a bit about you. Once your account has been verified by our team you’ll be listed on our pupil marketplace. Local pupils will then be able to view your profile and pay & book their lessons with you directly.

Tell me a bit about your company?

We’re a community of ADIs on a mission to revolutionise how learner drivers find & book their ideal driving instructor.

We believe that the traditional driving school ‘franchise’ model (high fees, multi-year contracts, no control over pricing etc…) is not ideal & that being a fully independent ADI can sometimes be a lonely road. We’re here to help!

We’re investor-backed and set up the company back in 2019 to put power back in the hands of ADIs across the country!

How do you find new pupils?

We heavily market Learnr (our pupil app) to learner drivers online such as via Google, and our social media channels are viewed by 1000’s of learners every day. Once a new learner downloads our pupil app, they’ll be able to see all driving instructors that cover their area and make a booking with you directly.

Am I tied into a contract?

No, the service has and will always be free for driving instructors.

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